Our Motto & Mission

To attain the blessing of god as per our Hindu philosophy is Bhakti or Puja of Deities. Puja in other words means prayer or worship. In other words, a specific form of worship or Puja involves offering of a material object or the mind or the body or the soul to the god. Puja when done properly guides oneself towards god,and brings the worshipper and the worship closer. Before starting any Puja, first and foremost Shri Ganpati or GaneshJi's puja is performed as per Hindu mythology.

  • Bringing the devotee (who is worshiping the God) and the Lord to the nearest closership.
  • Serving the possible number of people to worship the God without out any difficulties and mental agonies.
  • ays 'Manava sevaye Madhava seva', we want to serve the things to the first door of the devotee and so he gets ready to perform the pooja with mental peace and with more concentration.
  • This is only on the basis of doing service to the devotees who wants to celebrate the occassions of God pujas with reasonable costs and to make free of risk.
  • So many vedic students will get minimum earnings to fulfil their needs, as they will be sent to your door steps.
  • By conducting Samoohika poojalu, vrathalu, homamulu, bringing different types of people to one place together on to one stage.
  • By worshiping the Supreme Father, we will be one of the persons who are trying their level best for world peace.
  • We are so confident that many and many prayers to the Lord will help the humans to lead a better sanctity filled life.
  • For the development of Hinduism by following the purathana culture and samprayadayalu.
  • To save the society from the foreign culture which is developing very rapidly which leads to the great damage of the youth and society.
  • To habituate the possible number of people for daily prayers and worship of God.